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As Anka Global Trade, we have been providing innovative and solution-oriented services to our customers at all stages such as market research, product supply and after-sales support since 2007. Our goal is to become a long-term business partner based on trust by responding to our customers’ demands with appropriate and competitive solutions in a timely manner.


Costumer Analysis

By learning the target market in which you need to operate and which you can influence more easily, we develop more appropriate and effective strategies for how you should reach customers.

Market Research

With the globalization of nests, we are constantly working on brainstorming, new strategies, new tactics and appealing to the consumer with unusual advertisements on keeping and delivering products and services to new markets.

Product Supply

Identification of the need, Inquiry of potential supply channels, research of new channels, Determination and management of conditions such as payment, supply time, quality control, logistics and invoicing processes.

Support Sale

Informing the consumer about the product/service
Troubleshooting problems with products or services
Recording and returning complaints about problems experienced in the service process


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